How the Boppy pillow helps keep baby right where she belongs, close to your heart
In an ergonomic study, results showed that the Boppy pillow provides the support you need to reduce strain on your arms, shoulders and neck, whether you choose to nurse or bottle feed. That’s because when you slip the Boppy pillow around your waist, your baby is supported at breast level. So instead of leaning forward and straining your muscles, you sit in a more upright and comfortable position. Your arms can also rest on the pillow top, giving you even more support. That will come as a welcome relief when your baby gets bigger and feeding times get longer.

Bottle Feeding
Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, everyone feeding baby will appreciate the comfortable support of the Boppy pillow. Just slip the Boppy pillow around your waist and place baby's back or side on the pillow. Let your arms rest on the pillow, too, for even more support. It's so easy, you might even let big brother feed the baby, and perhaps delay a little sibling rivalry.

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